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Total Property Valuation

Our most detailed replacement value inspection delivered via a high-quality report.

Inspect. Validate. Report.


The TPV™ (total property value) replacement value inspection covers the attributes of the ITV Capture™ inspection, but also provides another layer of detail that is sometimes required on risks containing complexity or exceed a high value range.

Key Features

  • Mainstreet or High Value.
  • Easy and fast ordering.
  • With a click, select multiple parties (in or outside your organization) in which to share the inspection results via our complimentary 3rd party distribution option.
  • Inlcuded in the price:  (1) an on-site inspection, (2) a full set of images, (3) and a fully documented replacement cost value incorporating CoreLogic / MSB MainStreet and High Value data.
  • Any prior TPV™ inspection can recieve a replacement cost update via the InspekTech Re-Calc™.  
  • Target 30 day turn-around times from schedule in many regions.
  • Best-price guarantee in Western Canada.

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Experience the InspekTech® SERVICE difference were renowned for!   We can help streamline, centralize and optimize your risk management to a level you may never have imagined possible.  

We invite you to learn a little more.  Contact us and we can chat; or, we can remotely demo our inspection photos and reports visually to multiple locations at once, wherever you or your team are located.  Alternatively, we'd be glad to come visit you and provide a demo.