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TPC Vital™

Total Property Capture | VITAL

Exterior on-site photo documented image capture.

PHOTOS: Verify Conditions

Is what you're viewing or being described what's really there?  Have you verified the conditions of what you're about to broker?  Protect your brokerage, the insurance company you send business to, and the home owner.  

The TPC Vital™ photo documented inspection allows insurance brokers to accurately and easily verify exterior conditions, desktop data, and phone interviews as if they were at the dwelling in person.  Brokers (and the companies they send business to) can effortlessly view, save and share fresh high quality images of the dwellings they broker. 


InspekTech® is your quickest, most non-intrusive, and cost-effective way to verify the conditions of the risks you and your brokerage stand behind.

Key Features

  •  The Vital™ is a very easy way for brokers to get documented risk photos.  No more waiting or disturbing insured's (or receiving "selective" insured photos).  
  • Fast ordering + Non-intrusive to insureds with a typical target 3-5 business day turn-around for numerous areas (regions outside local areas, turn-around time may be greater). 
  • With a click, you can select multiple parties (in or outside your organization) or insurance companies in which to automatically share the inspection results via our complimentary 3rd party distribution option.
  • Includes include an in-person site visit to verify exterior conditions of all 4 sides of the dwelling including the back, pools, hot tubs, decks, exterior deck stairs, visible play equipment, core utilities, sheds, outbuildings and/or other exterior features.
  • A simple, pro-active step that can help ensure your customers are looked after and ensure you can support what you're brokering and sending insurance companies. 
  • Highly cost-effective.

The Risks?


  1. We strongly recommend that brokerages do not ask for or use customer generated photos, or rely on outdated photos.
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  2. We discover and photograph what needs to be captured at the dwelling, good or bad.  This helps protect your brokerage, the insurance company, and the home owner.  View Image >   
  3. We strongly recommend that brokers do not do "drive-by" photos of the front of dwellings.  This is not only risky and inadequate for the broker, but not cost effective to the brokerage firm.  Read our industry White Paper on this > 


We also provide interior photo capture work, find out more by clicking here >

Find out more

Experience the InspekTech® SERVICE difference were renowned for!   We can help streamline, centralize and optimize your risk management to a level you may never have imagined possible.  


We invite you to learn a little more.  Contact us and we can chat; or, we can remotely demo our inspection photos and reports visually to multiple locations at once, wherever you or your team are located.  Alternatively, we'd be glad to come visit you and provide a demo.