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2023 marks our 21st Anniversary! 

InspekTech® provides building inspections, appraisals, and risk assessments

for Residential & Commercial Insurance purposes.

Insurance Inspection

InspekTech® Residential Insurance Inspections

Personal Lines insurance providers who use InspekTech® appraisal & risk management services are dramatically better equipped to assess real time site conditions in concert to validated Replacement Costs, supported by CoreLogic® RCT, on residential properties. 


Easy on-boarding for Direct Writers or Insurance Companies with large or small brokerage lines in Western Canada.  Contact us for a free report trial!


Insurance Appraisals
& Risk Assessments

InspekTech® Commercial Insurance Appraisals

InspekTech® Commercial Appraisals and Business/Operational Risk Assessments include a site visit and an easy-to-read high quality report (using CoreLogic® Commercial Express™ for Replacement Value).  Plus!  the InspekTech Commercial Service Estimator provides our invoice total in advance for your customers or Strata Board.  Simple, fast, and easy to use! 

Insurance Companies or Strata Corporations anywhere in British Columbia, contact us with "3 Yrs Bonus-2023" for details!

Company & Vision



...love what we do! 


May be that's one of the reasons why InspekTech is the #1 leading Replacement Value & Risk Assessment company in Western Canada.  We've been delivering quality, leading edge appraisal & risk assessment services at competitive prices since 2002.


I invite you to find out more about InspekTech and

my personal commitment to our clients, suppliers and staff.


Howie Jones
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Our Fans!

"I give InspekTech a 10!"

What Customers say about InspekTech.


>   Service, Service, Service! 
InspekTech® CASTLE Service.


InspekTech has served clients across Canada from Coast to Coast, with our region focus being British Columbia province-wide (& Western Canada).  


Receive stellar service and exceptional quality report deliverables under "InspekTech Best National Pricing". 

Contact us for details  

Regions Served   |2023

Our specialized expertise focus is all of British Columbia & Western Canada.  InspekTech has tailored its operations and services to Head office / Branch models (i.e. Direct Writers or Ins. Co's with small or extensive Brokerage lines), conducting assignments throughout all of BC and beyond.  Experience the InspekTech® SERVICE difference we're renowned for!

>  See the InspekTech BC Region Map 

Whether you wish to order smaller quantities of appraisals or risk assessments, or hundreds per month, we can help streamline, centralize and optimize your risk management to a level you may never have imagined possible.  We invite you to contact us to learn more or view a Live Demo.



As soon as an request comes in to InspekTech a series of events take place ensuring your file is promptly attended to.  Our Quality Assurance (QA) support services, high quality deliverables consistently achieve high customer satisfaction repsonses (and, when necessary due to high volume pressure, we prioritize Client files to close and typically communicate updates online or directly).  With tens of thousands of assignments completed, InspekTech® customers can quickly and easily order, review, and share reports company-wide.

Highly Secure
IT Standards


The InspekTech website is secured by high grade encryption using  SSL (https) and other measures utilized by our IT Security Manager, our IT Manager, and our IT Developer.  Though we never collect financial or sensitive information from our clients or their customers, our Website Privacy Policies ensure even "low level" information is kept secure.  Report results are delivered via our secure deliverable system that's turn-key and requires no IT setup, no downloads, and very little instruction to begin using immediately.