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InspekTech ReCalc™

Replacement Cost Re-Calculation

Determination of the current replacement value of a Residential or Commercial / Strata building based on vital onsite baselines prior gathered and analyzed.

Risk Management

The InspekTech ReCalc™ (or the "mini-appraisal") report is purposed to determine the current replacement value of a Residential dwelling or Commercial building, based on existing information gathered during prior onsite work.   

Original on-site work provides vital baselines for follow-on ReCalc™ non-site updates for our Residential (and Commercial / Strata) clients. Every prior Residential ITV Capture™  appraisal can be updated and re-calculated by InspekTech® without us having to re-visit the site.  InspekTech® partners with CoreLogic® melding component update costing variables into our proprietary reporting for ITV Re-calculation updates. 

InspekTech ReCalc™ turn-around times are typically 5-7 business days.

Please contact us for details.

Key Features

  • Residential High Value or Mainstreet and all types of Commercial and Strata.
  • Fast and easy ordering by secure login.
  • With a click, select multiple parties (in or outside your organization) in which to share the inspection results via our 3rd party distribution option.
  • Any prior Residential ITV Capture™ appraisal, or Commercial / Strata appraisal, can recieve a replacement cost update via the InspekTech Re-Calc™.  
  • Typically our turn-around time to having the ReCalc™ on your desk, is just 5-7 business days.
  • A ReCalc™ can be produced by InspekTech on most Residential or Commercial / Strata appraisals located anywhere in Canada.