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CASTLE Service

...Old Fashioned Service (with a Tech flare!)

InspekTech CASTLE Service  |  5-Star Attributes     

  • C   Communication attention to our clients that's well-timed, orderly, transparent, and responsive.
  • A   Accuracy On Site and in the Office as work steps develop into quality InspekTech® reports that are easy to read, and precise, for insurance purposes.
  • S   Structured steps that are expectant, uniform, and designed to achieve mutual benefits for both the insured and insurance provider.
  • T   Timely, solid turn-arounds on the Field and in the Office.
  • L   Local & Distance insurance inspection and appraisal services throughout BC & Western Canada.
  • E   An Extension of your Insurance Co. or Strata Board / Property Mgmt. firm as InspekTech® provides professional, friendly and independent association to your reputation.  

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