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RAR™ for Lenders

Rapid Appraisal Report

Experience a 2 or 3 day turn-around for an on-site photo documented inspection which includes a Landcor™ report.  6 HR and 24 HR RUSH also available.   

Accuracy & Cost Reduction

The Rapid Appraisal Report (RAR)™ is an on-site conditions verification photo documented inspection that's melded with our industry leading comps data partner Landcor®.  High Res images can be viewed online, saved, printed (as at left) and shared company wide.  This rapid mortgage inspection for Lenders is typically delivered in 2-3 business days, or less.  The RAR™ significantly increases accuracy (if you were to rely only on AVM data) and in many instances serves to eliminate the need to do a costly full appraisal.

The InspekTech RAR™ is your quickest, most efficient, accurate and most cost-effective way to verify actual conditions against the back-drop of AVM / internal data.  

Key Features

  • Is your confidence in AVM data less than 100%?  Raise your confidence with the RAR™ which includes on-site "Conditions Verification" photos and a Landcor™.
  • The RAR™ dramatically increases accuracy against stand-alone AVM data and thus, in many instances, eliminates the need to conduct a full and costly appraisal.
  • Every RAR™ includes fresh on-site photos (including some neighbourhood shots) and also includes industry leading market comps reporting from Landcor™ on the dwelling inspected.
  • The RAR™ is quick: Only a 2 day turn-around (BC Lower Mainland including Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley and most of Vancouver Island) and 3 days in the Okanagan.  We also do 24-hour and 6-hour RUSH deliveries in many areas.

Drive-by Risks?

We strongly recommend that mortgage professionals do not do "drive-by" photos of the front of dwellings.  This is not only risky and inadequate for the broker or lending agent, but not cost effective.  Read our industry White Paper on this >

Find out more

Experience the InspekTech® SERVICE difference were renowned for!   We can help streamline, centralize and optimize your risk management to a level you may never have imagined possible.  

Increase efficiencies and save members & shareholders money.  We invite you to learn more about the RAR™ first hand.   Join other Lenders by contacting us for more information and/or a demo.