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Woodstove Supplement (WSS)™

Solid Fuel Burning Appliances

The InspekTech® Wood Stove Supplement (WSS) is provided in two forms for Solid Fuel Burning appliances:  (i) for Freestanding Stoves and (ii) for Fireplace Inserts.  

Woodstove Inspections

The InspekTech® Wood Stove Supplement (WSS) is provided in two forms, for Solid Fuel Burning type appliances (i.e. the Freestanding Stove Supplement and the Fireplace Insert Supplement).   While Insurance companies request InspekTech® WSS’s to achieve their underwriting purposes, the WSS is not a WETT branded inspection or document.  So what exactly is the service and deliverable? 

  • The WSS on-site information collected is comprehensive, in much the same way a Woodstove Installation inspection would be conducted.
  • The unit(s) location and an overall grading of the installation are provided with the WSS. 
  • Additionally, details in the WSS report include measurements and material information about the area surrounding the unit, the type of venting, flue and chimney protections. 
  • The WSS report also confirms chimney cleaning + wood type use details with the site contact. 
  • A full set of images of the unit is also provided.  
  • Very cost effective.
  • Insurance companies use the WSS to effectively meet their underwriting objectives.  To determine if the WSS is a fit for your organization, please contact us and we'll send you over one or two WSS samples.

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