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Customers... our biggst Fans!



Since 2002, InspekTech® has successfully conducted tens of thousands of assignments in a highly cost-effective and efficient manner.  You can order 1 inspection or 100's per month -- our Team has you covered under our InspekTech® Castle services model


Contact us to learn how you can receive stellar regional services and exceptional quality report deliverables under our "Best National Pricing Grid". 


I’m a Commercial Account Executive for a major Canadian insurance company.  I’ve been very happy with the experiences and timing involved with the files we have worked on together with InspekTech.  

Chris D

As an insurance company user of InspekTech for Residential inspections/appraisals, thanks for the awesome service received! 

Michelle T

InspekTech was a wealth of information; very efficient and knowledgeable. We will continue to use InspekTech for our appraisals and risk assessments. Cost of the appraisal is very reasonable for a 19 Unit Townhouse Strata Complex.

Teresa C

InspekTech provided timely, coordinated, and an excellent Residential appraisal report exactly as we anticipated.  

Keith & Deborah W

As a Commercial Insurance professional and user of InspekTech appraisal services, I find their support services and reporting to be excellent. 

Dana S

Thank you so much, and a round of applause, to the InspekTech team for your exceptional appraisal services & reporting. 

Paula F

I wanted to take the time to say how impressed I was with the recent home appraisal done by the Field Inspector from InspekTech.  He arranged the appointment well in advance, confirmed the day before, and called on the day because he was delayed in traffic... and he was very pleasant and fine to have in my house.  If you can pass my remarks to InspekTech, that would be good. When people do good work, they should be recognized.

Jo-Ann H

Thank you for attending so promptly to getting appraisal file work done for us. You and your team always deliver, and it’s so appreciated.  You guys at InspekTech are the best!

Amanda S

I appreciate you taking the time to clearly explain in layman’s terms your recommendations regarding the electrical equipment in the detail you provided.  This gives me a better opportunity to discuss this with the Broker and to clarify terminology easily on this Commercial risk.

Brent G

Thanks for the fantastic and efficient service and for professionally looking after our insureds so well!

Natasha H

Recently a valued customer of ours made a point of calling our office about being very pleased that the InspekTech inspector was very professional and a great person to deal with.  He just wanted to let us know, so passing this on to you!

Rena B

The insurance company and component I manage recently ordered a number of appraisals from you.  I’m glad to say they were done quickly, efficiently and accurately.  Thanks InspekTech!   

Andrew V

We don’t often get a chance to let you know how much we really appreciate all you do for us here, so I just wanted to send you guys a Thank You for going all the way over to Cortes Island and for doing it so fast!!!  I also just got off the phone with our client and she informed me “how nice” the InspekTech Field Inspector was.  We really appreciate the InspekTech team and thought I should let you know!  

Lynn C

Thank you so much for the appraisal report.  As an insurance company user of your services, I can say that you guys at InspekTech are the best!

Monica B

Thank you for the exceptional service!  I greatly appreciate the time InspekTech dedicated to confirming in writing that the insurance company would receive the InspekTech Woodstove Supplement (WSS) report via our insurance brokerage.  

Cari S

Thank you so much for the quick response. I really appreciate your willingness to jump on such an out of the norm request to service our organization and our client.  This is why we love you!    

Samantha T

Thanks so much….I just worked my way through ordering an appraisal and the site was very user friendly!

Charlotte F

I give InspekTech a 10! I had difficulty locating a file and risk information and called InspekTech. Your service rep was fabulous; personable and efficient. Thanks again!

Jeri N

Thank you so much for following up. Your IT Manager addressed the issue right away. Thank you for going above and beyond to ensure I was completely satisfied and for getting the inspection to me in such a timely manner… I really appreciate it!

Vanessa H

InspekTech replied to my query quickly and solved my question way faster than I expected.  Thanks to the InspekTech team for being outstanding!

Alexander M

Thank you so much for the quick turn-around time!!  Also, your communications back to me were so prompt and helpful.  InspekTech service is excellent!

Barb H

Your Field Inspector went above and beyond for us with going to a remote location to appraise a house and was so accommodating to the client.  Great service all around.

Lisa M

I called regarding a file that had recently had an appraisal done. I asked if there was any way of getting a shorter version of the appraisal report to send to our client to help explain the increase in value. Within an hour I had a mini-report on my desk. The service was incredible.  Thank you so much.

Laurie A

Thank you so much for the amazing service!

Jessica V

Thank you so much for all the information.  I will relay this to the customer, as to why the cost to rebuild is very different than when he constructed it and that we need to insure it to the proper value. Thanks again for the prompt and helpful explanations.

Kathleen S

We hope you'll become one of your fans, too!   Please contact us to learn more or to be shown a live demo (in person or remotely).