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TPC Conditions™

Total Property Capture | RISK CONTROL

An on-site inspection with exterior + interior photos including a Conditions Report, used to Identify / verify risk exposure and support your in-house calculations / valuation as if you were at site. 

Verify Conditions

The Total Property Capture (TPC) Conditions Report™ is a risk control inspection.  We go on-site and photo document the interior & exterior of the main dwelling including sheds, outbuildings and other dwelling features.  Additionally, we document general liability, common hazards, and misc. dwelling/site conditions. 

This means your underwriting team can easily and accurately identify and verify conditions / risk exposure in concert with your in-house data/valuation methods -- as if they were on-site themselves in real time.   This service/report is superb for verifying conditions, alongside your in-house calculators and internal methods, to dramatically increase ITV accuracy.

Note: The Conditions Report does not include a Replacement Value calculation.  If costing values are required, please order the ITV Capture™ service.

Key Features

  • No amount of data, AI technology, Google® Street View, local gov't geo-Info, or insured Q & A will tell you the whole story of "the inside/out" of what you're about to underwrite.  
  • Conditions are realistically and accurately observed and verified on-site in real time. 
  • Approx. 3 in 5 (60%) of the risks we've inspected under the TPC Conditions™ service had concerns, risk issues, and/or poor conditions.   Life Safety:  missing smoke alarms and/or carbon monoxide detectors, handrail issues, compromised decks and stairs, etc.  These risks often begin to emerge, with significant regularity, when InspekTech® is physically verifying conditions when on-site.   Utilities Risk:  Issues concerning hot water tanks (incl. adverse tank conditions, poor/no drainage or pan, beyond effective service life, etc.), furnaces, DIY wiring, and plumbing matters (roofs, too) are documented via the TPC Condition™ service... and customers you'll want to retain are typically happy to be informed & fix problems -- thus lowering risk exposure for them, and you. 
  • A sensible and cost-effective balance of on-site reality intended to work in concert with your in-house data/valuation methods (and/or Agent/Broker info),  so that conditions can be verified.   An InspekTech® Field Inspector will physically go to the risk and verify ext / int conditions, so that your in-house valuations match what's really there.
  • Exterior photo capture includes all 4 sides of the dwelling including the back, pools, hot tubs, decks, exterior deck stairs, visible play equipment, core utilities, sheds, outbuildings and/or other exterior features.  Interior photo capture includes most, if not all, rooms throughout the dwelling, the utility room, core utilities including hot water tanks, furnaces, boilers, electrical panels, basement and crawlspace views, electrical panels, and other interior features. 
  • The written report includes reporting of on-site observable general liabilities, common hazards and sundry conditions.
  • With a click, select multiple parties (in or outside your organization) in which to share the inspection results automatically via our complimentary 3rd party distribution option.   
  • Significantly increase ITV accuracy when used in conjunction with your in-house calculators.
  • Cost-effective with fast & easy ordering; no software downloads required.

Find out more

Experience the InspekTech® SERVICE difference were renowned for!   We can help streamline, centralize and optimize your risk management to a level you may never have imagined possible.  


We invite you to learn a little more.  Contact us and we can chat; or, we can remotely demo our inspection photos and reports visually to multiple locations at once, wherever you or your team are located.  Alternatively, we'd be glad to come visit you and provide a demo.