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Insurance Replacement Value Appraisals

For Property Management Firms & Strata Boards.

InspekTech STRATA           

Insurance appraisals made easy for Property Managers and/or Strata Boards. 

Our Strata insurance appraisals include a site visit culminating in a report deliverable of excellence and accuracy including 3 years of complimentary Replacement Cost updates via the InspekTech ReCalc™ report and a free Status Check-up report in Year 4. 


Property Management firms, Strata Boards, and Insurance companies, all over British Columbia (our backyard location and 5-Star Service Advantage).

Strata 4-Year Pricing Package

Year 1:  Site visit and Full InspekTech® Insurance Replacement Value report.

Year 2:  FREE InspekTech ReCalc™ update.
Year 3:  FREE InspekTech ReCalc™ update.
Year 4: 
Bonus FREE Year > Free InspekTech ReCalc™ update PLUS a free InspekTech® Status Check-up report.
The InspekTech® Strata Package approach (i.e. “a 1 year price” with “3 years of FREE updates”) uniquely represents at least 25% in savings over a 3-year cycle.  

  Other Strata Pricing

A.  Stand alone Site visit with full appraisal report (no follow on ReCalcs).
B.  Desk Review with full appraisal report (non-site visit
with Report + annual follow-on ReCalcs or not).


Residential Strata (Multi-family/unit residential) and all Commercial Strata types such as:  Retail-Residential mixes, Warehouse, Industrial, Manufacturing, Office and Mixed-Use, etc. 

4-Year Strata Package

Insurance Replacement Value

The InspekTech Total Value Appraisal (TVA)™ is an Insurance Replacement Value Appraisal using CoreLogic® Commercial Express™ as part of our reporting methodology, for Strata Boards and Strata Property Managers.  Onsite work provides vital baselines for ReCalc™ Strata updates and a Status Check-up each 3 years thereafter.  

Our clients are provided personal use of the InspekTech Service Estimator™ which instantly provides our Strata invoice total in advance for your customers (or quotes can be requested directly from our office). 

The InspekTech TVA™ includes easy ordering and simple report distribution company-wide. Our reports are easy to follow, precise and of high quality and are developed in conformity with applicable Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and the Canadian Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (CUSPAP).

Please contact us for a demonstration file and/or a quote, and be sure to ask about our Free Updates offer.


3 Years of Free ReCalc™ Updates PLUS 4th Year Free Status Check

Every prior InspekTech® Total Value Appraisal (TVA)™ qualifies for 3 years of free ReCalc™ updates PLUS a free Status Check-up at Year 4 in our appraisal package cycle. 


Put another way, you receive “a 1 year price” with “3 years of FREE updates”!


The InspekTech ReCalc™ report is purposed to determine the current replacement value of a Strata or Commercial building, based on existing information gathered during prior onsite work.   


InspekTech® partners with CoreLogic® melding component update costing variables into our proprietary reporting for ITV Re-calculation updates.  


InspekTech Re-Calc™ turn-around times are typically 5-7 business days.


Please contact us for a demonstration file and/or a quote.



In addition to Strata management, many property management firms also manage various sorts of commercial properties. 

While there may be some overlap between Strata and Commercial types, our Commercial areas include: Large multi-family/unit residential, commercial strata, warehouse, industrial, retail, office + mixed-use, restaurants, motels/hotels, transportation & warehousing, distribution, manufacturing, forestry/wood operations, manufacturing (small-medium), farms & agriculture, and SME businesses & societies.

Please visit InspekTech® Commercial services to find out more.

InspekTech® |  Appraisal Practice Standards

Analyses, opinions, and conclusions conducted by InspekTech® are developed, and our reports are prepared, in conformity with applicable Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and Canadian Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (CUSPAP). 

InspekTech® reporting relevancy is in line with organizations such as AIC (Appraisal institute of Canada), CPPAG (Canadian  Personal Property Appraisers Group, CPPA) and CNAREA (Canadian National Association of Real Estate Appraisers) which are all self-regulated and guided by a Uniform Standards Practice such as CUSPAP and/or USPAP. 

InspekTech® has extensive internal risk management / loss control, ITV appraisal, building component, and inspection resources we refer to in any given report as may be needed, and reports are Certified by one or more accredited CPPA's. InspekTech® personnel come from backgrounds that include: Insurance-related (Commercial and Residential), property management (Strata), construction project management, property maintenance, appraisal supervisory roles, survey & photogrammetry, and business ownership and/or management. We Partner with industry leader CoreLogic® making extensive use of CoreLogic’s Commercial Express™ for typical Strata assignments and RCT Express® for smaller Residential Strata replacement value calculation data.

Delivering quality, leading edge inspection services to the insurance & finance industry at competitive rates since 2002, InspekTech® has conducted Commercial and Strata Insurance Replacement Value appraisals since 2006 with zero Replacement Value claims error history to date (for additional information, please read our expanded Appraisal Practice Standards page). 

We hope the InspekTech® Team can serve you soon!   For more details over the phone or in person, please contact us.