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ITV Capture™

Insurance Replacement Value: Appraisals

On-site pre-claim insurance appraisals with exterior & interior image capture, including Replacement Value, delivered via a high-quality and easy to read report.  

Appraisals Made Easy

The ITV Capture™ insurance replacement value appraisal is our Residential flagship service/product.  It includes an on-site appraisal report that places an emphasis on summarized Insurance-to-Value results & site conditions.  This report is backed by an interior/exterior location inspection conducted by an InspekTech® Field Inspector resulting in an insurance pre-claim Site-Verified Replacement Value. This inspection type has proven itself time and again to be a perfect on-site Replacement Value report for insurance companies seeking reliable claims sq.ft replacement costing for underwriting purposes.

Onsite work provides the vital baselines for important replacement value updates via our ReCalc™ once each 3 years (Residential).

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Note:   An internal audit sampling in June 2021 of over 300 delivered InspekTech ITV Capture™ reports for the first ½ of 2021 resulted in Replacement Value (RV) known reporting errors at InspekTech® to be 0.28% per 100.   InspekTech’s approximate ¼ of 1% per 100 error ratio has been our representative RV known error range for at least the past 5 years (this is well below the 5% error range considered normal by the Appraisal Institute of Canada). While we expect these metrics to be materially unchanged, this audit data is scheduled to be updated in 2024.

The TOR™ (Total Outbuilding Report) is an added on-site appraisal report that parallels the much more robust ITV Capturereport, both reports being at the same risk location.

TOR's are used when detached structures in question have finished space and/or have exterior and/or interior components that make the replacement value greater, or somewhat more exceptional, then an average structure of similar purpose. The TOR™ service and report essentially 'mini-replicates' the ITV Capture™ service/report (i.e. which addresses the primary dwelling) and focuses on any detached strutures that are above average and thus need a deeper dive to determine a proper valuation.

Examples of such outbuildings falling under a TOR™ service and report would be:  a detached garage with finished suite/living spaces, workshops with interior special finishes, a manufactured home on the property, or a habitable dwelling such as a guest house or cottage with full services. 

Please contact us for details.

More: Features

  • Target 30 day turn-around times from order date, Field scheduling, site work, ITV office analysis, to final appraisal report deliverable, in many regions.  ReCalc turn around typically 5-7 business days.  'Expedite Service' often available upon request for renewal time crunches.
  • Residential High Value, Complex High Value, or Mainstreet.
  • No downloads required, make orders and view files via secure login access.  Easy and fast ordering. 
  • Site-Verified observation by InspekTech® Field Inspectors - nothing compares to being there in person - followed by office ITV anaylsis, report building and QA to appraisal deliverable excellence.
  • Included in price:  (1) InspekTech® Field Inspector on-site inspection, (2) comprehensive photo capture of the interior and exterior of the subject risk, (3) Appraisal report, clearly stating insurance Replacement Value (RV) which incorporates Field observations, MSB/CoreLogic® RCT Express® replacement data, and component / appraisal analysis.
  • Any prior ITV Capture™ appraisal can recieve fast replacement value update reporting (done every 3 years) via our ReCalc Mini-Appraisal report.
  • Select multiple parties (in or outside your organization) to share inspection results via our complimentary 3rd party distribution feature.
  • Best-price guarantee in Western Canada.