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President's Commitment

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Howie started his business career in 1986 by founding a residential & commercial property maintenance company.  He became President & GM of InspekTech® in 2010.  

He's a business graduate of Trinity Western University (BA) and Royal Roads University (MBA).  Happily married to his sweetheart Camille, they have four wonderful grown children. Howie enjoys spending time with family & friends, and loves the outdoors and airplanes. 

It's fantastic being part of the InspekTech® Team, working with our Office personnel, Field Inspectors and Analysts, and serving our Clients together.  I love my job! 

As a Bible-believing Christian and follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, it's my vision for the leadership role I have at InspekTech® to be grounded firmly upon what I believe.  In order to optimally serve our workers, customers and other stakeholders, as the owner of InspekTech® I have by God's enabling grace, personally committed to:

  1. Operate InspekTech® in a manner consistent with the time-honoured Biblical principles of integrity, diligence, and transparency.
  2. Invoice equitable and fair billings in the context of top quality report value and strong attention to service.
  3. Serve team members and their families by paying fairly and well alongside maintaining a culture where everyone enjoys being part of the InspekTech® team.
  4. Establishment of company policies and expectations for ethical conduct that are rooted in integrity and decency while seeking to effectively steward company resources.

I hope I'll have opportunity to talk or meet with you before long!



Howie Jones,
President & GM