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GM's Commitment


Bio info:


Howie is happily married to Camille and they have four wonderful grown children.  He started his business career in 1986 by founding a residential & commercial property maintenance company.  Howie is a private pilot and enjoys most sports, especially ice hockey.  He earned a BA in Business Administration (major) and Economics (minor) from Trinity Western University and an MBA from Royal Roads University.



My name is Howie Jones and I’m delighted to be part of the InspekTech® team. As a Bible-believing Christian, it's my vision for the leadership role I hold at InspekTech® to be grounded firmly upon what I believe. Therefore, in order to optimally serve our employees, workers, customers and other stakeholders the owners of InspekTech® have committed to:

  • Honouring the Lord in all we do by operating InspekTech® in a manner consistent with the time-honoured Biblical principles of integrity, diligence, and transparency;
  • Offering our clients a competent and equitable price within the context of exceptional value and cutting-edge service;
  • Serving our team members and their families by establishing a positive and progressive work environment;
  • Establishing company policies and expectations for ethical conduct that are rooted in integrity and care of the individual;
  • Providing a return on the owner’s investment while seeking to effectively steward resources entrusted to us;
  • Depending on God's grace, provision and providence to accomplish His purposes through our activities for His glory.

I invite you to contact our friendly staff today for a demo of our online system and how our inspection services can dramatically benefit your company (we welcome individual or entire office staff demontrations; at your office, or remote phone/visual across the country).

I and our team look forward to serving you soon! 

Howie Jones,
President & GM