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President's Commitment

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Howie started his business career in 1986 by founding a residential & commercial property maintenance company.  He became President & GM of InspekTech® in 2010.  Happily married to his sweetheart Camille, they have four wonderful grown children and are blessed to be members of a Reformed Baptist church.  Howie enjoys spending time with family & friends, and loves the outdoors + airplanes.  He's a business graduate of Trinity Western University and Royal Roads University.


It's really great being part of the InspekTech® team, working with our Field Inspectors and Analysts, and serving our Clients together.   I love my job! 


As a Bible-believing Christian, it's my vision for the leadership role I hold at InspekTech® to be grounded firmly upon what I believe. Therefore, in order to optimally serve our employees, workers, customers and other stakeholders the owners of InspekTech® have committed to:

  • Honouring the Lord in all we do by operating InspekTech® in a manner consistent with the time-honoured Biblical principles of integrity, diligence, and transparency;
  • Offering our clients a competent and equitable price within the context of exceptional value and cutting-edge service;
  • Serving our team members and their families by establishing a positive and progressive work environment;
  • Establishing company policies and expectations for ethical conduct that are rooted in integrity and care of the individual;
  • Providing a return on the owner’s investment while seeking to effectively steward resources entrusted to us;
  • Depending on God's grace, provision and providence to accomplish His purposes through our activities for His glory.

I invite you to contact our friendly staff today for a demo of our online system and how our inspection services can dramatically benefit your company (we welcome individual or entire office staff demontrations; at your office, or remote phone/visual across the country).

I and our team look forward to serving you soon! 

Howie Jones,
President & GM