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InspekTech Careers

We may currently be on the lookout for great people, just like you!

Company Description

InspekTech® provides a variety of Residential, Industrial and Commercial property inspection services.  Our risk management on-site reporting & deliverables are used primarily by insurance companies who require on-site verification of risk and validation of replacement value costing.   Additionally and from time to time, lenders, brokers, construction companies, developers, property managers, realtors and the public have made use of our services. 

We're Hiring!  VANCOUVER ISLAND.  Positions currently being considered:  1

April 15, 2021


Several InspekTech® Field Inspector(s) positions are open in t/out British Columbia including, but not necessarily limited to, your residence being in the general vicinity of:  Vancouver Island (Victoria vicinity focus, other Vancouver Island areas also considered).     

Our Field Inspectors come from a variety of backgrounds.  We ideally look for prospective FI's having a background in insurance services, persons having completed a Home Inspector* course, construction, construction management, commercial/residential inspection experience (ideally making some use of CoreLogic® RCT), government services, property management, and real estate services. In addition to English some of our team speak, or are able to provide basic communications in, multiple languages including Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, and Punjabi -- having a second language, though not required, is a plus! 

As our work is very specialized and highly niche based, all new FI's are fully trained and integrated onto our Team.  Under contract to InspekTech®, working from your home office, you will travel to inspection sites as they are assigned in your home or general Region vicinity.  Workload can be discussed based on your own wishes as well as our needs for a given area; however, because the FI assignments are on-call and subject to our clients broad regional requirements at any given time, we never encourage prospective FI’s to be dependent on full-time work with InspekTech. In short, though it is often very busy, we will not guarantee prospective FI's that it will be so. That being so, only prospective FI's who are comfortably willing and able to manage the benefits of on-call type assignment loads should apply (i.e. combinations of steady, very busy or light work periods).

* InspekTech® is not a Home Inspection company; rather, we are engaged in specialized building inspections for the insurance and financial services sectors.

Field Inspector (FI) Description

The Field Inspector is required to evaluate hazards, inspect conditions of dwellings, measure and calculate square footage, take various field notes, draw diagrams, and take well composed digital photos. 

The following specific tasks are conducted by FI's: 

  1. The Field Inspector is required to evaluate hazards, inspect conditions of dwellings, measure and calculate square footage, take various field notes, draw diagrams, and take well composed digital photos.
  2. Review regularly both an email account (to your mobile device or computer) and the InspekTech® website account for inspection requests assigned to you. Review requests; confirm location and type of inspection required. As required make phone calls, send emails to arrange Field Survey site appointment with contacts, etc.
  3. Provide written file updates as required to provide both the requester and the InspekTech® Administration team per on-going knowledge of file scheduling status.
  4. Conduct field inspections/surveys and doing some or all of the following activities: Interviewing site contacts asking specific questions pertaining to the risk/site or conditions and/or events therein. Taking properly composed photos of all required elements for the type of inspection requested. Collect information and data about the site risk or events taking place as required on InspekTech® supplied forms and documents.
  5. Edit and upload photos and data to the InspekTech® website in the manner prescribed in the InspekTech® Field Inspector Training Manuals.
  6. Compile Field reports into finished reports as required. Upload or email reports as required.
  7. Provide answers in support of the Field reports to the Admin team as required.

We offer

:  Production-based compensation, with no cap on earnings.

No sales are required.

One-on-one training, manuals and professional dress code.

On-going guidance and support.

Qualifications | Field Inspector

The baseline qualification for any prospective InspekTech® team member is a genuine commitment and desire aimed at high professional and ethical standards as referenced in our Professional Code of Conduct.  The owners of the company seek to run the firm based on the President's personal Commitment

The list below includes aspects of an ideal Field Inspector candidate, though such descriptions are not necessarily required; that is, we also like to hear from people who have transferable skill sets from other backgrounds -- and we're willing to apply extra time and resources training the right people!   That said, here's a sort of FI wish list:

Insurance, home inspection, ITV experience making use of CoreLogic® RCT, security, claims, or loss control Field inspection experience with good numerical skills.

:  Relevant industry training such as CPPA, CAIB, CIP, Loss Control (CLCM), Risk Management (CRM), and/or a university degree or diploma are all assets.

Previous experience with construction and/or insurance methodologies.

Have fire, environmental, health or other safety experience; construction or building code experience.

Have worked independently from a home office and in the Field and are a proven self-starter.

Computer literate being very comfortable and fluent using Office365; i.e. Excel, Outlook and Word.

Basic photographic skills and camera usage know-how (i.e. what "buttons" on the camera do what with some basic experience using a camera).

:  Strong written and verbal communication skills in English for producing clear, concise reports and for dealing with clients/site contacts on a regular basis.

Critical thinking and analytical skills are essential for individuals involved in Field survey work without constant direct supervision.

Friendly with excellent diplomatic customer service skills with the ability to be tactful and patient in adverse situations.  

:  High organizational skills with "attention to detail" abilities; excellent interpersonal, teamwork and communication skills.

Must be very dependable/reliable, detail orientated, and thorough.

A second language is an asset.

:  A recent criminal record check must be submitted to InspekTech® for the purposes of bonding and commercial liability coverage.

Required tools |  InspekTech® Field Inspectors

  1. A reliable and up-to-date PC in Windows environment (not MAC) that can be password protected and which can be connected to High-Speed Internet (no-dial-up, satellite feeds or public terminals are permitted).  A second monitor that can connect to your laptop or desktop computer.

  2. Installation of Microsoft 365 (also called Office365) with the latest version of MS Office having been tested and operational.  The latest version of Windows is required.

  3. A black/white or colour printer (preferably laser) with a scanner.

  4. An up-to-date Android Tablet (approx. 10” or larger).

  5. A reliable Cellular smartphone (i.e. to incl. mobile email) is required.  A home office landline is optional.

  6. A reliable, clean vehicle that's ideally fuel efficient (note: you will likely need to insure your vehicle "for Business" once you become a Field Inspector). 

  7. Digital camera with 6MP + minimum 4X zoom with flash (good knowledge / skills of basic camera use, interior and exterior, is required).   A measuring wheel, long tape rule, and laser measuring tool device.

Invitation to write (no phone calls at this stage, thank you)

If you think there could be a great fit, feel free to email your resume and a cover letter telling us a little about yourself (note: your email will go directly to a Senior Manager).

Thank you!

InspekTech® Management

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