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InspekTech Careers

We may currently be on the lookout for great people, just like you!

In business for over 22 years, InspekTech® provides Residential and Commercial insurance loss control appraisal and inspection services.  Our risk management on-site reporting & deliverables are used primarily by insurance companies who require on-site verification of risk and validation of replacement values.  Additionally, lenders, brokers, construction companies, developers, property managers, realtors and the public have made use of our services.   

Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS)

At InspekTech® we operate under an EOS model of Human Resources (HR) where InspekTech® independent contractors know their roles and have specific goals that tie into company objectives and goals.  This results in our people responsibly managing their time as they know what they need to accomplish in order to excel.   Along the way, our workers are kept in tune with what's going on in the firm as it relates to decisions, projects on the go, and key actions underway.  Our EOS model is tried, proven and excels!  Here's a snapshot: 


  • Work-life balance focus
  • Flexibility (i.e. typically self-scheduling of assignments)
  • Limited "commute" times (home office work joined to self-scheduled Field assignments)
  • Combo of in-person site work + "remote" home office work
  • Work load / time flexibility depending on your location
  • Company training + on-going supervision and guidance where needed
  • Compensation based on number of files completed (i.e. production based)
  • No sales are required
  • One-on-one training, manuals, and InspekTech® professional dress code

In addition to any of the above positions that may be currently available, if you think there might be a fit because you have insurance loss control experience (Residential and/or Commercial) and strong credentials, and are located in British Columbia, Alberta, or Manitoba, we invite you to write us (no phone calls at this stage please, thank you).  Please email us your resume.


Thank you,

InspekTech® Management